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Kerry's Kronies

Kerry's Kronies | The Kerry Kares Foundation | Baltimore, MD | (410) 500-3531

This program is designed to benefit pre-released and ex offenders in the Baltimore City correctional facilities: with a concentration which covers the South Baltimore area of Baltimore City including communities such as Cherry Hill, Westport, Mt. Winans, Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, Lakeland, Violettsville, Morrell Park, and the Pigtown area.

Upon being notified of their scheduled release, we arrange services for them, including job opportunities, housing programs, and supplying their medical needs. As part of our networking efforts on their behalf, we utilize Northwest Career Center and Employment Connection Center under the Baltimore City Mayor's Office of Employment Development. We offer job assistance programs with certification and training for CNA, GNA, B-License, CDL's and other valuable opportunities for people with past misdemeanors or felony convictions. We also help ex-offenders to obtain from the Department of Social Services for food, cash assistance, medical assistance, and public housing programs for which they are eligible.

Assisting this population immediately after their release from the correctional facility is crucial to their success in rejoining their communities. Nurturing an upbeat, positive, concrete path towards becoming a productive, contributing member of the community obviously discourages repeat criminal activity and helps strengthen the city at large. Kerry’s Kronies serves this vital role by giving relevant information and direction to these individuals so they can meaningfully build their futures as caring, law-abiding community members.

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