The Great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, once said, “Leisure is important in one’s diet, in order to achieve greatness in one’s life”.

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Many students have a hard time learning in school. When they become frustrated, they close their minds off to any possibility for success, which leads them further away from developing their potential. You see it in their eyes, on their faces, and in their behavior.

Our after-school program seeks to help these students regain their confidence by pairing them with carefully selected college and high school students. The college students who participate in the Kerry's Kids program come from Morgan State University. In the Baltimore City Public School system, high school students are required to accrue 75 community service hours upon graduation; these hours are accruable in the Kerry Kids program.

If you are looking for an after-school program in Baltimore, MD look no further than The Kerry Kares Foundation. Our program is designed to mentor younger students between grades 6 - 8 who are struggling in middle school or have a behavior problem. On the other hand, the college students will interact with high school mentors to initiate different techniques and tactics that will enhance and provide a good learning environment for the middle school students. Mentors work with students up to 10 hours per week and 4 days out of the week.

School is not easy and many students have a hard time learning for various reasons. We started this program because we want to promote positive student/peer mentorship. When High School students work with kids in lower grades, they are gaining leadership skills and learning how to build a relationship. Younger students that are enrolled in this program will rebuild their confidence, boost their self-esteem, build positive relationships and even see an increase with their academic grades.

We believe that education plays an important role in everyone's future, and we want their future to be bright. We love to see students excel and see that school is a benefit for them, not a chore. Our after school programs are educational, fun, and supportive. Our mentors enjoy teaching those in grades below them and want to watch them grow and succeed. At the end of the program, students will have a better attitude towards school and want to perform well.

Our after-school programs are closely monitored and structured so the few hours a day your student is being mentored, he or she will gain a lot of knowledge and understanding. We go through a very detailed process when selecting which college and high school students are the right fit for this program.

Field Trips are important because some kids grasp important skills through hands-on and visual contact rather than a classroom setting. For more information on field trips and after-school programs call The Kerry Kares Foundation today!

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